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  • Difficulty: ΩΩΩ

  • Players: 2-8, suggested 3 -6

  • Keyword: CIA Agents, Investigation, Virus

You must find Dr. Snake’s lab!

The New York City Police Department has just obtained information that Dr. Snake has built a secret laboratory in the sewage system of the city. Dr. Snake has been developing a new neurotoxin, which he will use to contaminate the water and harm the residents of the city. You are our only hope to enter the sewage system, find the laboratory, and find the cure to the neuro-toxin before he returns.

Team Escape Time
How do you know 36’44”
N/A 37’28”
N/A 38’48”
  • Difficulty: ΩΩΩΩ

  • Players: 6-14; suggested: 9-12

  • Keyword: Prison Break

Escape the penitentiary; the police are after you!

Saint Temple Prison is one of the most infamous military prisons in history. People call it “NOESCAPE.” A serial killer by the name of “Night Stalker,” who was sentenced to death, mysteriously vanished from the prison. He discovered the secrets of the prison by using the penitentiary’s blueprint, and now the clues he has left behind are your only chance to escape.

Team Escape Time
Rappercussions 45’10”


  • Difficulty: ΩΩΩ

  • Players: 4-10; suggested: 4-7

  • Keyword: Time Travel

Find your way out of the time continuum or be trapped there forever!

Time Travelers are in trouble! Everyone is trapped in the time continuum and have landed in two different time periods. The only chance to escape is to find the missing Omega Keys to restore the time engine and turn the wheels of time. It’s up to you to escape the halted time continuum and get back to the 21st century.

Team Escape Time
Sheer-Luck Holmes 0 hints 28’40”
Renegades 31’40”
HelloWorld! 41’00”