Book NYC Game -Worldwide Store #34

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To provide the best gaming experience, we suggest the minimum number of players of each game as following:

  • Laboratory of Biohazard: Suggested 4-6 players
  • The Penitentiary: Suggested 9-12 players
  • Room X (Time Travel): Suggested 6-8 players

If your want to book the game which time slot is not listed, please contact us at We can arrange it for you.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game starts. Participants arriving after the starting time will not be admitted since this would spoil the fun for others.

Players may have to play with other teams that have booked empty spaces of the same game at the same time. You may also purchase a private game if you do not want to play with other teams.

Game duration is 70 minutes! We have 3 games with 15 rooms!

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