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Board Game Room Grand Opening

Unlimited Play Time

Rates: $12/person (Monday – Thurday, Friday until 7pm)

Rates: $15/person on weekends / Friday after 7pm / holidays

  • Limited number of players in the room to ensure best gaming experience
  • Offering a home for tabletop games of all sorts. 
  • Add your favorite game to our wish list so that we can try to purchase it!
  • The perfect place to relax near Times Square with your friends, family, and colleagues. 
Contact us

Walk-in Customer

Call us at 212-631-7876 to check availability before coming
  • First come first serve
  • Pay at door
  • Unlimited time to play

Reserve a table

Send email to info@omescapeus.com to reserve the table / whole room
  • Guaranteed spots
  • Pay to reserve
  • Unlimited time to play

Phone: 212-631-7876 / 212-631-8096

Email: info@omescapeus.com