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This item is for renting a private party room.  It is an add-on to the escape room game experience.

  • Step 1: Choose how long you want to book the room for
  • Step 2: Contact us for additional information
  • Step 3: Schedule time with us and we will arrange a perfect birthday party for you!
  • Step 4: Enjoy the game and give him/her a huge surprise!

*  Food can be ordered to the event room. (Additional fee will be charged)

*  Party room is self-service. Full-service cleaning can be purchased.

*  Please contact us before making any purchase for the birthday package.

*  Tip is not included

*  Escape room game tickets are not included in this package.


  • Customized Birthday Clues
  • Bring Your Cake
  • Decorated Private Party Room
  • 30 Minutes Party
  • Up to 12 People
  • Photo Service

Mega Super Star$249

  • Customized Birthday Clues
  • Bring Your Cake
  • Decorated/Customized Private Party Room
  • 150 Minutes Party
  • Board Game Provided
  • Assorted Balloons
  • Up to 30 People
  • Photo Service